About the Founder

Dr. Preeti Seth - Nutritionist and Cosmetologist

The founder and mentor of Pachouli Wellness Clinics started her career in the wellness sector in 1999 as a nutritionist and cosmetologist with a renowned wellness brand and soon garnered popularity among the many who were striving to get themselves back in shape. After spending more than a decade in the industry, and gaining insights and expertise, she felt she could contribute more and take it to new heights by making the journey of wellness a more personalized and pure experience. So, in 2010 she laid the foundation for Pachouli and soon became a household name, today Pachouli has 6 wellness clinics across Delhi NCR and a strong base of loyal customers. Her grasp over the entirety of her pursuit—from the minute aspects of operations to big-picture finance—is extremely unique, and very rare for a founder and entrepreneur.

Ms. Seth has been exceedingly successful in making Pachouli a one-stop destination for therapies and treatments ranging from Slimming, Hair Care, Skin, and Laser to Ayurveda. In her own words “I believe our body is a temple, the greatest Gift given to us by God and we should treat it with the utmost respect and care”. Acknowledged as a revolutionary in the field she shares her inspiration behind the venture — “I believe my purpose in life is to make people beautiful and healthy, the best possible version of themselves.” She lives by the words “Work is Worship” and has inspired many through her relentless hard work and dedication.